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Archeological collection
The collection is composed of the findings from the archeological excavations in Caska and in front of the so called Little Church in Novalja. Many of the findings are still processed, and amongst those that are exhibited we can point out the part of relief with the image of Erotes from the Roman imperial age and the profiled pillar base which shows the existence of monumental building on that area.

The collection is placed in the Museum basement.

The Museum is especially known for the so called Talijanova buža i.e. antique underground aqueduct, 1050 m long and 60 cm wide, in which one can enter from the Museum, and the exit is in Novalja field. It was built in 1st century A.D., i.e. in Roman times, and is entirely carved by human hand in solid rock.

It is one of the greatest tourist attractions of Novalja, which you have to visit.

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